Sonar+ 2015

DANCE at Sonar+D and STARTS Symposium

DANCE at Sonar+D demos on real-time analysis and interactive sonification of full-body human movement expressive qualities. Sonification is based on processing of sound spaces and ways of using affective music content in relation to the quality of gestures.

Developed by University of Genoa (Casa Paganini – InfoMus Research Centre), in collaboration with the composer Pablo Palacio and dancers Muriel Romero and Roberta Messa, demos at the stand of the European Commission were kindly supported by the dancer Sabrina Ribes. A further demo, iLabelMusic, was shown on an early example of creative commercial exploitation of DANCE concepts and technology, designed and developed by University of Genoa in collaboration with Rotas.

Demos and proof of concepts are developed using the freely available EyesWeb XMI software platform and are based on movement sensors avaiilable on smartphones.

The same demos have been presented at the STARTS Symposium in Brussels.

Interactive Sonification of Movement (ENERGY/WEIGHT/SMOOTHNESS):

Interactive Sonification of Two Dancers:


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