Coreofonie – il suono della danza

20 October 2017, 5pm - Casa Paganini

Meet the choreographer Virgilio Sieni

Panel discussion:  Dance, Science and Technology, the history of Virgilio Sieni's "Atlante del Gesto_Genova" and scientific experiments of the DANCE project.

A new step in the "Atlante del Gesto_Genova" Project: current results and new goals will be detailed by the following Participants:  Serena Bertolucci (Palazzo Reale Genova), Antonio Camurri (University of Genova), Roberta Canu (Goethe-Institut  Genua), Federica Loredan (perfomer), Stefania Opisso (Teatro Archivolto, Genova) e Laura Santini (editor of Atlante del gesto_Genova Facebook page).

The meeting will focus on future developments of the "path" between Science and Art:

  • Can a scientific and technological project turn into a lyrical and popular show? Is it possible to involve hundreds of citizens to encourage them to come back to live in hidden and precious secret spaces of their cultural heritage, to create a community through the emotion of Art?
  • Can a shared artistic and social experiment generate a new technological and scientific research, in order to create reflections, soliciting thoughts and solutions, offering alternative knowledge paradigms?

Organized by: Casa Paganini – InfoMus , in collaboration with: Goethe Institut of GenovaTeatro ArchivoltoRete DanzaContempoLigure.

Facebook:  Atlante del Gesto_Genova

Download the Press release (italian):   PDF

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